At Protein Works, we know from first-hand experience that taste is a very personal thing. While we do everything we can to exceed your expectations every time, we know that very often a product may not be suited to your personal needs.


How long do I have to return a product?

Once a customer purchases a product directly from our website, they are covered by our 180 day returns policy, meaning customers have up to 180 days to return the product to us, but you must notify us that you want return a product/order within 90 days.

If the taste is not to your liking

If the taste of the product is not to your liking, simply send it back to us by post and we will replace it with another flavour*.

How do I initiate a return?

Initiating a return is simple, just send an email to with your order number and reason for the return and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

My delivery was damaged Although we always pay close attention to how we handle your order, accidents can happen. If your product has been damaged in transit, simply contact our Customer Experience Team via email at and we will be happy to arrange a replacement order.
One of my items is missing from my delivery

If not, we sincerely apologize - we are human and we make mistakes from time to time. Simply contact our customer service team via email at with your order details and we will dispatch the missing items immediately.

I have a wrong item in my delivery If we have sent the wrong item by mistake, simply contact our Customer Service team by email at, giving us details of the wrong item and the missing item and we will organize collection and re-delivery, of course. at our expense.
I received an extra item in my delivery that I didn't order First of all, thank you for the honesty with which you informed us. Sometimes we include freebies with your order to thank you for staying with us. If we have done this, there will be a note in the documentation. If we have indeed sent you extra product by mistake, if you are kind enough to contact our Customer Service team via email at, we will collect the item at your convenience.
When will I receive a refund or replacement? Once we have received your authorized return at Protein Works headquarters, we will refund or replace the product within 48 hours.

The minimum clauses

As with all things, there are some key terms and conditions to read to avoid disappointment and confusion. Please take the time to read them before making any requests. Refunds for taste issues are limited to once per customer, for 365 days.